Pressure Washers

Industrial and commercial pressure washer choices – you can’t beat the selection at Royce Industries!

pw_1Pressure Washers are the most efficient approach to any cleaning project. For those in the industrial and commercial sector, pressure washers are labor saving tools proven to save time and money. Pressure Washers conserve water by adding energy (pressure) to a reduced water flow from a garden hose, and use less of this very precious resource – H2O.

Royce Industries offers a full line of pressure washers available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, brands, and price ranges. To narrow down your search, allow Royce Industries to pinpoint the best pressure washers for your specific application. Our staff is so well-versed at solving cleaning challenges. Why go anywhere else. The team at Royce Industries brings a combined total of 410 years of cleaning experience, knowledge and professionalism. If you have cleaning needs, speak with Royce Industries to learn which pressure washer will work best for you. With locations in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada, we’ve got you covered!


What type of pressure washer are you interested in? To learn more about the various styles, select one of these links: