HBG Wastewater Evaporators

The Water Maze HBG Wastewater Evaporators

High efficiency water treatment using conventional hot-plate technology

wastewater evaporatorsThe HBG are industrial wastewater evaporators using traditional hot-plate technology with a unique high-efficiency combustion chamber. The natural-gas heated HBG wastewater evaporators system is capable of evaporating wastewater up to 30 gallons per hour. The combustion box in the HBG evaporator is made of advanced heat reflective material and features a unique energy-efficient design for reflecting the heat directly onto the floor of the evaporation tank for energy cost savings.

Made of heavy-duty steel, insulated and double lined for energy efficiency and safety, the HBG wastewater evaporator also has a 3-inch recessed drain port for easy sludge removal.

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