EC System

The Water Maze EC is a wash water treatment system using electrocoagulation technology to treat wash water

If your wastewater contains suspended solids, heavy metals and emulsified oils, the Water Maze EC is the water treatment system for you! Unlike conventional filtration systems, the EC system uses EC+ Plus™ technology to treat a broad range of wastewater. Treated water can be discharged to sanitary sewer or recycled back into the pressure washer or other equipment for reuse.

The EC is self-contained and its operation is totally automated. Water is treated up to 30 GPM, and the non-corrosive water tank is located inside the cabinet and made of stainless steel. The EC can be installed alone or can be integrated with the WP Water Maze wash pad.

For more information on the EC, please contact Royce Industries at one of our four locations in Las Vegas, Boise, Denver or Salt Lake City.