Collection Pits

Wash Pad Containment Systems: below ground pre-treatment of waste water

For in-ground pre-treatment of wash water, as well as oil-water separation, consider a pre-fabricated fiberglass collection pit from Water Maze. Pit management is much more economical by choosing a fiberglass separator, which is significantly easier and less expensive to ship and install as opposed to constructing a collection pit made of concrete.

The Water Maze fiberglass collection pit works best when combined with a catch basin and sump pit. Wash water flows into the catch basin, where solids sink and runoff flows into the collection pit. Oil and other debris are separated from the water as it passes through the baffles. Often, this is all that is needed to meet discharge limits for sewer.

For more information on collection pits, please contact Royce Industries. We are an authorized direct dealer for Water Maze waste water treatment equipment.