CLB Biomediation System

The Water Maze CLB uses bio-technology to treat and recycle industrial wash water

For applications where the wash water contains a high organic content (like golf courses), consider the CLB recycling system. The CLB uses bioremediation technology for treating and recycling commercial wastewater. Unlike filtration systems, the CLB’s biosystem naturally converts organic contaminants like oil and grease, into harmless water and carbon dioxide. Using a proprietary liquid blend designed for slow release of microbes into the CLB system that provides an easy and effective way to control odor. There are no hazardous byproducts.

The CLB has a unique design with modular components allowing customization for a number of application requirements. Pick and choose only what is needed for your wash water recycling needs.

Contact the sales team at Royce Industries for more information on the CLB and the many options and accessories.