Transportation Detergents

Pressure Washer Truck Wash Detergent is designed for the Transportation Industry

truck wash detergentProfessionals in the transportation industry face stubborn cleaning for trailers, aircraft and heavy equipment when removing diesel smoke, exhaust trails, bug residue, road film, acid rain and especially grease and oil. A high-pressure washer is a great tool for cleaning, but proven more effective when paired with the proper truck wash detergent.
Royce Industries offers detergents specially formulated for use with a high-pressure washer to combat the common cleaning needs for fleet owners and construction companies – anyone with a fleet of trucks or equipment. Our transportation detergents are customized for a variety of surfaces – each specialized to attack the soils that other products may not penetrate.
We have our own brand of Royce transportation truck wash detergent, as well as popular varieties from Hotsy and Landa. All are biodegradable, meaning they are safe to use and safe for the environment. The Royce team is knowledgeable in pairing a detergent to your cleaning application. We have locations in Denver, Boise, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City – call today for pricing and more information.
Royce Power Steam
Royce Diamond Brite
Royce Squeeky Clean Wash
Royce Squeeky Clean Tire/Wheel
Royce Squeeky Clean Wax
Hotsy Carbon-Ate
Hotsy Carbon-Ate Plus
Hotsy Breakthrough
Hotsy Aluminum Brightener I & II
Hotsy 99
Hotsy Polished Aluminum & SS Cleaner
Hotsy Ripper II
Landa L-431
Landa L-217
Reclaim L-215 (for water treatment)


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