Specialty Cleaners

Specialty Pressure Washer Detergent and Soap

pressure washer detergentRoyce offers a number of pressure washer detergent and soap that are considered specialty cleaners for more specific needs. These encompass concrete cleaners, heavy soot cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, hood cleaners – products we consider more specialized than our customary products.

If you are not sure what detergent to use, call the pros at Royce Industries. We’ve been meeting the needs of cleaning professionals for years, and have the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best cleaner for your custom needs. We have four locations; please contact the location nearest you: Denver, Boise, Salt Lake City or Las Vegas.

Our specialty cleaners include the following:

Royce Power Steam
Royce Diamond Brite
Hotsy Miracle Wizz
Hotsy 99
Hotsy Cleaner Phosphatizer 2
Hotsy Polished Aluminum & SS Cleaner
Hotsy Ripper II and III
Landa L-995
Landa L-431
Landa L-217
Landa L-220
Landa Phosphatizer

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Here are our locations: Salt Lake City, Boise, Denver and Las Vegas. Our territory also includes parts of Oregon, Montana and Wyoming

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