Welcome To Royce Industries

Your partner in a cleaner environment!

Since 1984, Royce Industries has been providing cleaning solutions by offering the best selection of pressure washers, steam cleaners, parts washers, floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, car, truck, bus and railcar washes, water recycling, water treatment, infra-red heaters, detergents, cleaning equipment accessories, parts, service, and more. Businesses turn to Royce Industries because of our excellent reputation for solving the toughest cleaning challenges.

Royce Industries is a leading supplier of cleaning equipment for all types of cleaning needs.

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Rail Car Covers & Maintenance

Since 1984 Royce Industries has been committed to providing environmentally sound transportation solutions to the mining and railroad industry.

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Car Wash & Construction

Many at one time or another have dreamed of owning their own Car Wash. There’s no better time to make your dream a reality by investing in your own car wash!

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Industrial Cleaning

Royce Industries prides itself on our diverse product line. We specialize in high-pressure cleaning equipment for industrial and commercial use.

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Complete Solutions

Whether you need a car wash, or a trailer mounted high-pressure system, Royce Industries can help.
We offer much more than pressure washers and equipment. We offer complete packages to give your business the solution that best meets your needs, and your budget, from the ground up!

Trust Royce Industries to deliver on our promise.

Why Buy From Royce Industries?

Royce Industries is a name you can trust for industrial cleaning, car wash systems and construction.
We treat people the way we want to be treated – honest and fair.

With over 31 years in the industry, we are the one-stop solution for cleaning equipment and car wash products in the western United States. Why buy from Royce? The answer is simple…you won’t need to go anywhere else.