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A Hot Water Generator alows you to have hot water with your cold water pressure washer!

Hot Water Generators for Pressure Washers | Royce Industries

If you currently have a cold water pressure washer and have a project that requires hot water what do you do? Look no further! Turn your cold water pressure washer into a hot water pressure washer PDQ! All you need is a 120 volt electrical source, Hot Water Generator and (drum roll please)…a hot water pressure washer!

Hot water generators allow you to have hot H2O without the expense of purchasing a new hot water washer. Hot water generators are available in stationary and portable versions, natural gas, LP or diesel heated and will service up to 10 gallons per minute at 3200 PSI.

Royce Industries has multiple brands and models (listed at left) to best meet your specific application. We call it a "Hot Box", but you will call it a great solution!


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