Vehicle Cleaners

Pressure Washer Detergents and Soap for your Car

When cleaning vehicles with a pressure washer, detergents can help clean and degrease the surface of the vehicle. Fast-acting surfactants are extremely effective for cleaning painted surfaces on cars, trucks, RV’s, buses and tractors. Available in many varieties and strengths, Royce has a vehicle cleaning detergent suitable for your needs.

Our vehicle detergents are concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way. Used properly with either a hot water or cold water pressure washer, you’ll find the cleaning agents in our detergents to be more effective, producing a deep shine while protecting the surface. The experts at Royce Industries can recommend the best vehicle detergent for your needs. Call the location nearest you in Denver, Boise, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

Our most popular vehicle detergents are:

Royce Power Steam
Royce Squeeky Clean Wash
Royce Squeeky Clean Tire/Wheel
Royce Squeeky Clean Wax
Hotsy Carbon-Ate
Hotsy Carbon-Ate Plus
Hotsy Breakthrough
Hotsy Aluminum Brightener I & II
Hotsy 99
Hotsy Polished Aluminum & SS Cleaner
Hotsy Ripper II
Landa L-215
Landa Environ